Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Valley FM forum three

Forum three focused on how to bring about quality education. Only three participants turned up: Zodwa Yekho, Anne Marais, Wilfred van Niekerk. They were all teachers, and despite the small group they had a lively discussion. This time the Valley FM team decided to adapt the format for the on-air programme. Instead of playing the entire forum as the first half of the on-air broadcast, they decided to integrate everything during the on-air programme -- to play extracts from the forum and integrate these with the in-studio discussion and call ins. So, a particular question or theme would be played from the forum discussions, then the studio panel would be asked to comment on this before moving on to the next theme or question. Listeners' calls would be taken in-between. This format proved very like the format of the Public Agenda, the television programme that the Kettering Foundation is involved in every year (though the TV programme is pre-recorded and does not take viewers' calls).

The adapted format proved very successful. The full programme was aired on the 8th of May, 2007. The number of callers increased from one in each of to previous shows, to nine, and the programme proved so interesting that the station extended the time from the planned two hours, by an extra 45 minutes -- so that instead of ending at 10pm, it ended at 10:45pm.

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