Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Valley FM forum one

The first forum at Valley FM was held in mid-February, at Klein Plaasie. It was attended by a group of five parents of school pupils: Xoliswa Sonduza, Roslee Kleyburns, Nicholas Prins, Alma Vermeulen, Corne De Boer. The focus was on how to improve parents' involvement in pupils' education. The discussion talked about how some parents get involved, and others don't, and the possible reasons for this. The parents agreed that parental involvement makes a great difference but they also talked about a range of factors that limit parental involvement. These include the fact that many parents are poor and uneducated, and unable to help children with homework because they didn't go to school themselves. Also, while many parents may want to be more involved, they struggle to because they work long hours and don't have transport enabling them to attend meetings.

We found after the recording that the sound quality wasn't the best, and we resolved to purchase a couple of specialist microphones that would pick up the voices well, without having to have mics right in people's faces -- so that they would almost forget the mics and speak more naturally.

I took home the CD with the forum recording, and edited it into a series of shorter segments. I sent this edited version back to the station. The radio programme based on the forum was aired on the 22nd of February 2007. It went ok, though only one listener called in.

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